Jeremy Carne is a visual artist, 

motion designer, video + art director.

Jeremy Carne

is a visual artist, 

motion designer,

video + art director.



Video Direction

Direction – Production – Post

OUROBOROS is director-duo Jeremy Carne + Nikolas Kasinos, based in Berlin, Germany.

Concept and Direction for Film and Animation – Shorts, Music Video, Fashion and Brand Commercials.



Concept – Art Direction

INSIDE depicts a human story within a dystopia of utilitarian uniformity, questioning the paradox of urban habitats – being together and yet alone. Examining the friction between volume and silence, internal and external, INSIDE speculates on how human behaviour and relationships have the capacity to adapt to new forms of life.

A short concept film commissioned by cap7074 for Posther, in co-production with Fashion Channel & Iso Produzioni Milan.


Production: Ouroboros + Darkbright 
Direction: Ouroboros
Cinematographer: Péter Garajszki
Gaffer: Christoph Neuhaus
Stylist: Hallah Farhat
Hair & Makeup: Nicholas Serenio
Cast: Dorothea Tomsits, Saeam Kwoon
Shoes: Trippen
Post: Ouroboros
Colourist: Valerio Liberatore
Music: Cataracts by Objekt [PAN]


All We’ll Know

Music Video

Direction – Production – Post

ALL WE’LL KNOW is a conceptual music video for the cult neo-soul London-based 6-piece band THE HICS. Featured in Complex’s Most Creative Music Videos of June 2014 alongside illustrious company [FKA Twigs, Sevdaliza, Blood Orange, Lana Del Ray, Nicki Minaj].


Production: Jeremy Carne
Direction: Jeremy Carne + Samuel Thomas
Cinematography: Emily-Jane Robinson
Compositing: Jeremy Carne
Cast: Adam Baker, Eve Stainton, Stupendous Tremendous, Valerie Ebuwa, Millie Gleeson





JOB SEARCH MADE EASY is the launch campaign series for digital brand JOBLIFT, produced in collaboration with Luxid Media. Multiple TVC spots and online campaign for two markets – USA & Germany featuring modular structure with multiple scenarios and 2 actresses. Photography for accompanying print campaign.


Agency: Luxid Media
Production: Luxid + Ouroboros
Creative Director: Manuel Astorga
Executive Producer: Marta Gonzalez
Direction: Ouroboros
Cinematographer: Leigh Lisbão Underwood
Photographer: Michael Wickham
Actress US: Sandra Stone
Actress DE: Laura Landauer
Post: Daniel Cardona
Sound Design: Josep Xortó
Production Designer: Jessica Comis
Construction: Pascal Flamme
Stylist: Oscar Paz
Hair: Dushan Petrovic
Makeup: Hermes Pittakos
AC: Franz Deutschmann
Gaffer: Yassin Khateeb
Spark: Robbert De Koning
Grip: Dustin John
Sound: Nick Friedrich
DIT: Alex DePew
BTS: Camila Stilger
Production Coordinator: Santiago Fiorito
Production Assistant: Stathis Roukas
Production Assistant: Kristen Horward


Art Direction

+ Design


Brand Identity

Art Direction – Design – Website

Rebrand of visual identity for online + print, including website design + build.

Logo graphic produced in collaboration with designer Nico Stephou.



Concept – Art Direction

OMPHALION is a short concept film by Ouroboros with animation by Houdini artist Bettina Vöröss, coming soon.

Elevate Festival

2020 Identity

Art Direction – Design – Motion

ELEVATE is an annual interdisciplinary festival held in various central venues around Graz, Austria. With its unique combination of critical discourse and contemporary music and art, guests include social and political experts, climate researchers and activists from all over the world.

Inspired by my installation as Artist in Residence 2019, ELEVATE chose the title HUMAN NATURE as the theme of their 2020 edition. I contributed to the Art Direction of the visual identity + marketing campaign, creating the animated trailer + motion design assets.


Elevate Festival


Concept – Motion

We need a paradigm shift. But how can this be achieved? Technological innovation? A return to indigenous ways of life and the expansion of consciousness through spiritual experiences? Becoming one with nature through psychedelic substances?

From philosophy to biology, from physics to psychology, from activism and art to artificial intelligence and the search for spiritual meaning, ELEVATE 2020 manifests itself in a variety of artistic debates on the theme of HUMAN NATURE.

Attempting to represent these diverse and interconnected notions of HUMAN NATURE, my trailer for ELEVATE 2020 fuses cellular DNA processes with artificial replication, in a clinical yet psychedelic context.


Music: Lyra Pramuk




CONCEPT – Motion

TELEMETRY is the collection of measurements, and the process of their automatic transmission, which forms our universal data and communication networks. A personal project which explores the relationship between micro and macro, individual parts and the whole.

Visual Art

+ Installation

Human Nature

Digital Installation

Concept – Motion – Spatial Design

A dualscreen digital installation created as Artist in Residence for Elevate 2019. Exhibited in the caves of Schlossberg in Graz, Austria. Images additionally commissioned for festival journal.

Reflecting on the subjectivity of truth and value through the gaze of an Artificial Intelligence – the installation observes a speculative artefact, a creative expression of human existence. Drawing a parallel between the invisible aspects of our personal and global natures, the shadow reveals a chaotic and fluid state of being.

HUMAN NATURE questions the role of the artefact as evidence, and to what end distortion is a defining characteristic of historical narratives. Simultaneously investigating the fallibility of representation as well as the value of error, and the space this opens for autonomous creativity.


Sound Design: Androula Kafa


Machine Woman

Live Visual

Concept – Motion – Spatial Design

Formerly known as Female Band, MACHINE WOMAN introduced her experimental electronic sound which fuses noise, techno and house, in this expansive audiovisual experience with CARNIVORE. UK Tour 2013, supporting Raime in Dundee [Contemporary Arts Centre], Pins in London [Roundhouse] and Manchester [Salford Bunker], Esben and The Witch in Glasgow [School of Art].