documentary photography + mixed media art projects. observing transitional process in spaces of dislocation.



Architectural disintegration becomes a transformative element for social space, with the incidental relocation of functional territories, establishing new zones of apparent un-functionality. Obscured and disregarded, these gaps between the fabric of a civic matrix become communal spaces, facilitating the potential for creation and re-order. 

LR 05- 5-00 16:12:45 – 17:19:10



This collection forms a narrative of mythological anthropology. Original analog 35mm photography has been united with appropriation of photographic materials found on site, to create a nostalgic relationship which calls to question the evidence of a location in time, through the use of time-based media.

Prints have been digitally scanned to further exemplify the act of photographic replication as a framing device, and also to obfuscate the causes of deterioration. Both the media and the location in which they were discovered are symbols of obsolescence, decay and impermanence. 

White Rabbit

Little Eye


In this CCTV video, multiple perspectives of the same location are observed simultaneously, producing a chaotic flickering effect. Meanwhile, linear time becomes continuously distorted, ultimately past any possibility of control or reason.

Together these pieces form a re-constructed reality reclaiming time outside of time. They play with the notion of an objective, absolute perspective, from which evidence of truth is formed.



documentary cinematography + videography. human relationships within manufactured environments.


Nikolas Kasinos


Ρέβ (Rêve/Dream) is a day within a life, re-lived through fragmented memories. Loneliness, abandonment and regret are prevailing themes within cycles of reflection and contradiction. A short documentary examining the consequence of time within the fragility of memory, exposing a sense of self, trapped within materiality and fantasy.



Short documentary of local resident’s voices in regard to planned expansion at Heathrow airport to build a third runway and sixth terminal, which would eridicate several villages and put many more at direct threat, with serious effects to the further surrounding area, as well as greater environmental impacts.

Residents have been in a state of limbo for many years. Proposals were officially shelved in 2010, then after continual debate and lobbying, resumed again in 2018 and granted court approval in 2020.

Film made possible with particular thanks to Linda McCutcheon from Harmondsworth & Sipson Residents Association. Student project, shot on miniDV.



Federica Dauri


Documentation of sculpture and durational performance by Federica Dauri, with Martina Gabrielli, presented during the group exhibition Fluid at Xavier Laboulbenne, Berlin.



Hermes Pittakos


‘(H)uman beings longed for their other half so much that they searched for it all over and, when they found it, wrapped themselves around it very tightly and did not let go. This is the origin of our desire for other human beings; Our greatest wish, if we could have it, would then be to melt us into one another so that our souls could be at one, and share in a common fate.’ – Plato, Symposium, The Myth of Aristophanes (c. 400 BC).

Documentation of performance at Buffer Fringe Festival, Cyprus, with Federica Dauri and Lisa Stertz. Music by Kris Vango. Concept and prosthetics by Hermes Pittakos.